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Happy Friday. I’m in love.

foxCan you guess what this adorable little widdle creature is?  It’s a six-month-old Fennec Fox born in South Korea. I found this image on Zoo Borns. (Thanks, Anastasia!) I’ll give you a moment…

Awwwwwwwww….I want one. And apparently, according to some of the comments alongside this image, other people do have them as pets. I wonder if my landlord would make me pay the dog fee?

Ok, realistically, what the heck is this site?

It appears to be a picture blog hosted on Typepad. But who hosts it? I see that there is a picture submission policy, but who reviews them? Is it a Zoo? Are the zoos on the left listed randomly or they officially a part of this? The babies ooze cuteness, yes, but are they rare? The host does Twitter and have Facebook, but why does he/she do this?

It took a bit of digging to bring to life this slight glimmer of a mission within a random post. While the simplicity of it all is wonderful, this could be so much more developed. Don’t you think?

People like to see these behind-the-scenes photos and there’s nothing like an infant to get us all caring. Without overtly soliciting them, the site has garnered many comments, ranging from general praise to shameless product promotions. And of course the global environmental implications run aplenty. I’m curious—I want to know more about this little guy, but I’m left with nothing.

What about posting about follow ups after the  little ones get older? Or opportunities to allow real life zoo visitors to submit images (easily, that is) of the creatures if they get the chance to see them on display? Could viewer interest ever benefit the babes financially through a charity effort? (I would so “adopt” Dumbo here.) Could this be a platform to make a case for Zoos keeping animals in captivity in certain instances?

To me, this could be way more than another superficial Cute Overload. I’m thinking more along the lines of this endearing site: Dottie the Rhino. (Though I’m saddened that it’s not so updated.)

What do you think?  Do you like the non-purpose nature of this?  Or, do you agree with my thinking that those innocent eyes could breed a special community of sharing and conversation?


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