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Slimming Down

My friend Ginger offers some savvy budgeting tips for event planners. Here is a great suggestion, and you can read her others here, here, and here.

Did you forget to include signage in your budget? Print posters at Kinko’s and use snap frames instead of poster board. After two uses, the frames will pay for themselves and they look much nicer. Bonus tip: Spend the savings on magnetic name tags. Your attendees will thank you for keeping their clothes intact.

What goes in as just as important as what doesn't go in.

What goes in as just as important as what doesn't go in.

It occurred to me that cutting budgets is like loosing weight. Why? Because not one, but two things need to happen to reach long-term success.

Rather than only cutting the “fat,” we must ensure that what remains on our plate is made better too. We can’t just spend less, we have to make sure the dollars (and time and employees and physical assets) that we do expend are more wisely allocated than ever before.

And here is how to look on the bright side as resources shrink: each and every one of these choices, just like those annoying audience members, can be viewed a great opportunities for improvement. (As they say, necessity is the mother…)



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Lighting up Legislation

sunlight-logoThe Sunlight Foundation boasts a clear, straightforward motto that comes from the words of  Justice Brandeis:

“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.”

Founded in 2006, this organization has a “non-partisan mission of using the revolutionary power of the Internet to make information about Congress and the federal government more meaningfully accessible to citizens.”

Big goal, you say?  Yes, and Sunlight is way on its way to achieving it. Already they have nearly two dozen projects underway, a bustling and eye-opening blog, and interactive contests and labs (including Apps for America, which awaits entries!).  These all provide refreshing illumination on the inner workings of big brother, especially for people like me who may not tune into C-Span very often.

Founder Ellen Miller announced Read the Bill in an inspiring email today.  This project represents a unique call to action for something that actually uses the internet to slow…things…down…for more thorough review.  Another project, Party Time!, exposes fabulous and fascinating Capitol Hill party scenes. And, of course, Sunlight twitters.

Very cool—check them out.  More to come.

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If a tree falls in a forest…

Someone once told me that advice is only advice if it does not matter if the person on the receiving end follows it or not. That was good advice. But does the same go for sharing?

In my opinion, and for the purposes of this blog, I think not. To me, it’s more about the receiver(s) receiving (and hopefully processing and appreciating) than the sender sending. It’s market focused. In other words, sharing is not so much deontological as it is teleological/utilitarian (to harken back to intro class terminology…sort of).

Here are some instances of each. Let’s make this an on-going list:

Facebook in general
Really good blogs
Google docs
This American Life
Permission marketing

Blogspot letting me use my WordPress identity to post comments

Not sharing:
Lazy emailing
Bad websites
Many Facebook status updates (i.e. “little junior has green vomit today”)
4th Generation iPod Nanos not supporting Firewall changing
25 random things
Endless reply-alls

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