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Donation Round Up

donationI need to follow up on something—my pledge from the first post when I began this blog for my digital networking class in spring 2009.

I promised to donate to Reading is Fundamental for every comment posted through April 29. The number of comments within that parameter is 31, but I’ll count May, too, for a total of 32.

This equates to $8.  I opted to round up just a bit.  Isn’t this a nice confirmation screen by the way?


Dear Christine Pill,

Thank you for your thoughtful donation of $10.00.  Your support of RIF will help us build a literate nation in which every child has access to books and an opportunity to succeed. 

We hope you found your visit to the RIF site informative.  Be sure to visit us again to learn how RIF is touching the lives of millions of children and families across the country.


Carol H. Rasco signature

Carol H. Rasco 
President & CEO


So, the next time I make promise like this, let’s go wild.  Let’s aim for the stars.  

Until then, enjoy my previous posts as I consider a brief hiatus from blogging to tackle my thesis project.  Here are my top ten favorites, in chronological order:

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