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Overheard Sharing Part 1: Playing Hookey via Facebook

busThis is the first of three posts in a series in which I’m going to share “overheard in NY” scenarios involving sharing. The first relates somewhat to online sharing, the second two cause me to side with the Social Network Reject’s general mentality—they each absolutely required real life and not a computer to happen.

On cross town bus this morning I overheard a teenager I’ll call Gus tell his group of five or so friends that he didn’t have an ID.  Apparently “Fred” didn’t either.

Their female friend I’ll call Natalie was upset: “Did you guys even LOOK at Facebook? I created that event for a reason. Ugggh.”

There was some quiet discussion about whether or not they needed their IDs, and the collective decision was that at least a few of them did.  At the next stop they got off the bus. But, before they did, Gus made a final announcement to all of the people nearby who were listening in on this group’s dilemma: “Don’t worry people, we aren’t going to a rated R-movie or anything.”

They have a thing or two to learn from Ferris Bueller about coordinating these types of things. Maybe Facebook isn’t always the way to go.


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