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I’m a Skype Type

Greetings again, after a brief blog vacation. Rest assured that I have been thinking of you often.

And recently I’ve taken part in one of the greatest online sharing experiences of our day: Skype.  Wow. It allowed me to stay in touch and keep up-to-date with my boyfriend while he was in Mumbai on business. It permitted me to enjoy an Indian sunrise or two. It even gave me the opportunity to meet his friend who served him breakfast every day. For free. The few times it did cut off (for like 10 sec. twice, total, in two whole weeks) it didn’t annoy be a bit, especially after seeing this video. Talk about amazing.

I remember when an older, retired-to-Florida uncle of mine once said “I won’t need a computer until it allows me to talk to my grandkids up north on my TV, just like I was with them in real life.”

Well, either I’m old, or technology is to the point where it can enliven our fantasies, or both. Maybe it’s both.  But so cool anyhow.

Special thanks to Katie for sharing showing me the above video!!


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