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Seriously? Seriously.

I was performing maid of honor duties last week. I intended to email an article to my bride-to-be sister, so I clicked on “Bookmark & Share,” which yielded this:

The Knot

Did my sister get the article? Yeah right. This myriad of sharing options set me way off track (aka Facebook). (It also gave me the idea for this blog. You see, I plan to explore some of these little items over the course of the semester to figure out what audiences use which ones to share what kind of info and how and why? So stay tuned. But I digress…)

It seems this website is trying so hard to be all-inclusive in their options that their efforts might cannibalize each other. The Knot might do better after research to determine which, say, 5 or 10 of these are most common amongst its visitors. Or, at least they could differentiate between “share” (1 to 1, or even perhaps 1 to many) and “bookmark” (save) in their clickable offerings.

Then again, maybe there isn’t such a thing as too many options when it comes to helping audiences spread online buzz. Still, the variety amazes me. Crazy.



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