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Calling all Numismatics!

This one has a S, but my grandad wants D.

This one has a S, but my grandfather wants D for Denver.

My grandfather, an early adopter of the cell phone and of the fax machine, cut off his new adoptions at the computer and the internet.  He did try for a period, but got too confused by “sloppy disks” and “flap tops” as he called them.

But, this doesn’t stop him leveraging the networking benefits from computers. He just uses my dad to distribute information about basketball bracket standings, old photos, and, most recently, his coin collecting needs:

Hi all; Granddad is looking for quarters from 2003 through 2008 with a “D” mint mark. (Not a P). These “D” mint marks indicate they were made in Denver. He will pay you 50 cents for any you can find.

Clearly I can’t help but pass along the message, too, because we’ve got to give this 84-year-old credit for understanding the power of online sharing.

Let me know if you find any of the quarters he is seeking—you’ll make an old man’s day by taking the time to look. (I think he needs 20 or so…) And the 200% ROI isn’t bad either.


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