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I’m a Skype Type

Greetings again, after a brief blog vacation. Rest assured that I have been thinking of you often.

And recently I’ve taken part in one of the greatest online sharing experiences of our day: Skype.  Wow. It allowed me to stay in touch and keep up-to-date with my boyfriend while he was in Mumbai on business. It permitted me to enjoy an Indian sunrise or two. It even gave me the opportunity to meet his friend who served him breakfast every day. For free. The few times it did cut off (for like 10 sec. twice, total, in two whole weeks) it didn’t annoy be a bit, especially after seeing this video. Talk about amazing.

I remember when an older, retired-to-Florida uncle of mine once said “I won’t need a computer until it allows me to talk to my grandkids up north on my TV, just like I was with them in real life.”

Well, either I’m old, or technology is to the point where it can enliven our fantasies, or both. Maybe it’s both.  But so cool anyhow.

Special thanks to Katie for sharing showing me the above video!!


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Calling all Numismatics!

This one has a S, but my grandad wants D.

This one has a S, but my grandfather wants D for Denver.

My grandfather, an early adopter of the cell phone and of the fax machine, cut off his new adoptions at the computer and the internet.  He did try for a period, but got too confused by “sloppy disks” and “flap tops” as he called them.

But, this doesn’t stop him leveraging the networking benefits from computers. He just uses my dad to distribute information about basketball bracket standings, old photos, and, most recently, his coin collecting needs:

Hi all; Granddad is looking for quarters from 2003 through 2008 with a “D” mint mark. (Not a P). These “D” mint marks indicate they were made in Denver. He will pay you 50 cents for any you can find.

Clearly I can’t help but pass along the message, too, because we’ve got to give this 84-year-old credit for understanding the power of online sharing.

Let me know if you find any of the quarters he is seeking—you’ll make an old man’s day by taking the time to look. (I think he needs 20 or so…) And the 200% ROI isn’t bad either.

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Green Confessions, hosted by Zipcar

zipcarCheck out this great email from Zipcar yesterday. It looks like they (and a few partners) are attemping to foster real-world comraderie among their location-fragmented, island hopping Zipsters—all while shining a spotlight on our lovely planet. There is nothing like free booze to lubricate the conversation.

(My confession is that I took a cab to work today because I was running late. That didn’t save money or the earth! What’s yours?)

Happy Earth Day! (And check out Verdantic.)

Hi Christine,

Ever leave your lights on when you leave the room? Forget to recycle? We understand that nobody is perfect, and that’s why we’re inviting you to confess your eco-sins at Zipcar New York’s first-ever Green Confessions party.

We’ll be at BLVD at 199 Bowery (at Spring St.) tomorrow (Earth Day!) from 6-9pm collecting your green confessions. Be sure to rev up your Twitter accounts and activate your mobile device (install TwitterFon for iPhones or TwitterBerry for Blackberrys) so you can participate in our live Twitter feed of confessions. Flash your Zipcard at the door for plenty of snacks and libations.

And as an added bonus, if you bring a friend to sign up for Zipcar, you’ll both get $75 in driving credit—not a bad way to repent.

See you tomorrow,
The team at Zipcar New York


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Slimming Down

My friend Ginger offers some savvy budgeting tips for event planners. Here is a great suggestion, and you can read her others here, here, and here.

Did you forget to include signage in your budget? Print posters at Kinko’s and use snap frames instead of poster board. After two uses, the frames will pay for themselves and they look much nicer. Bonus tip: Spend the savings on magnetic name tags. Your attendees will thank you for keeping their clothes intact.

What goes in as just as important as what doesn't go in.

What goes in as just as important as what doesn't go in.

It occurred to me that cutting budgets is like loosing weight. Why? Because not one, but two things need to happen to reach long-term success.

Rather than only cutting the “fat,” we must ensure that what remains on our plate is made better too. We can’t just spend less, we have to make sure the dollars (and time and employees and physical assets) that we do expend are more wisely allocated than ever before.

And here is how to look on the bright side as resources shrink: each and every one of these choices, just like those annoying audience members, can be viewed a great opportunities for improvement. (As they say, necessity is the mother…)


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Taking it one step further…

A while back, I praised the Nielsen Company for disabling the “Reply All” functionality in Outlook. Now the company may take an even bigger step in controlling sharing. In an email sent to the BASES division from a VP of the company today, it appears they are allowing employees to vote on several forward-thinking cost-cutting measures. Here is one idea:

Remove the “Send” button from Outlook. How many times have you come back from vacation and had 1,452 emails waiting for you, including 323 reminders that your inbox is over its size limit? Well, help is just around the corner if you vote for this proposal.  We have noticed that the “Send” functionality in Outlook results in a great deal of in-box clutter. By removing it, we will dramatically free up associates’ time and untold server space. In-person communication is often more effective than e-mail anyhow, since it gives you a chance to “read” your co-workers’ faces and look for certain “tells” or even facial tics. For long-distance communication, phone calls will continue to be a viable option, as are smoke signals (where permissible by local law).

Other options suggest that the next operating system could be based on the “sturdy and time-tested Excel platform” and that April Fool’s Day emails could be sub-contracted in future fiscal years.

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Soso Free Music (in China…)

So today’s big news in the digital music realm is that Google will start offering links to free music download sites—but only in China. Check out The New York Times coverage and the article’s comments, like this one:

“When 99% people are not paying for music, you can’t simply accuse all of them as pirates.”

It seems like Kodak could learn a think or two about how free is the key. I guess we’ll see how this all pans out over time for the rest of the world.

soso2What’s more, and somewhat along these lines, today I also had a moment to delve into Miller Theatre’s (a music presenter, mind you) web stats. I was initially amazed to see that a good chunk of our web traffic is from China. (This is not necessarily in sync with our in-person audience demographics.)  And that Soso Music is a big referrer to us. But now, after learning a little more about internet use and music popularity trends in China, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at all. Fascinating.

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What’s on my mind…

Throughout my busy week I’ve come across many sharing instances which I plan to discuss in more detail later.  But, for now, I’ll comment on merely two technology-oriented thoughts I’ve had recently:


  1. Did anyone else notice the phrasing changes to Facebook’s wall postings and updates?  The status prompt used to say “what are you doing” beside a button reading “post.” Now it says “What’s on mind?” and the button allows us to “share.” Are they saying thoughts are more important than actions now? Are they thinking that sharing comes across as more kind and personal than posting. Hmm. Also, I’ll admit that perhaps I’m a little confused here. Maybe a reader can help me out: Are status updates and wall posts/feeds now the same? Continue reading


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