And it was all Yellow

This is difficult to read, isn’t it?

I know it is. And I know better than to send an e-blast to 10,000 people in which I used it only on underlined links. But earlier last month I got catch up in the excitement of spring, in the beauty of coloring in a pretty design.

So what happened? I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from constituents writing nice, simple emails with phrases like “yellow print is illegible.” And I was happy to take the time to listen. I wrote each back, thanking them for their note and promising not to use yellow again. No biggie…I was just glad for their input.

Also, recently, I took the time to write a huge company to simply ask for discount on an order. (They had screwed up a previous one.) It worked…I got 10% off, no questions asked.

These instances just go to show what emails are sent and read by people—no matter the size of the organization. And, sometimes, if we take time to share our preferences with companies, then that is all it takes to get what we want.



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3 responses to “And it was all Yellow

  1. Amy Chiu

    Hope that there’s someone at the other end!

  2. christypill

    True, true. Emphasis on the “sometimes,” so I guess perhaps it’s arguable that it should instead say “extremely infrequently.” (I was on an optimistic kick I suppose…)

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