What’s on my mind…

Throughout my busy week I’ve come across many sharing instances which I plan to discuss in more detail later.  But, for now, I’ll comment on merely two technology-oriented thoughts I’ve had recently:


  1. Did anyone else notice the phrasing changes to Facebook’s wall postings and updates?  The status prompt used to say “what are you doing” beside a button reading “post.” Now it says “What’s on mind?” and the button allows us to “share.” Are they saying thoughts are more important than actions now? Are they thinking that sharing comes across as more kind and personal than posting. Hmm. Also, I’ll admit that perhaps I’m a little confused here. Maybe a reader can help me out: Are status updates and wall posts/feeds now the same?
  2. Isn’t it funny how we use competing browsers to find and download new ones? Recently I’ve been tinkering with different browsers to review how marketing emails will appear and to experience Miller Theatre’s website in ways that, according to our new web analytics tool, most of our visitors do. I used Internet Explorer to download Google Chrome, then used Chrome to download my new open source favorite: Firefox. At home today I pulled Safari into the mix, but only for the purposes forcing it to share Firefox’s advantages again (in order to selectively block pop-ups during my tax session on H&R block’s pop-up-ridden site). It is my understanding that some super tech savvy people can access the net without browsers (right?), but I certainly don’t. I wonder if browsers track who left whom for who else, and what they utilized to do so.


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2 responses to “What’s on my mind…

  1. Amy Inzanti

    I think the status update and the what’s on my mind is now the same; but your wall is still there–you just have to click into your profile to see it. I like the “what’s on my mind” bit…it’s more substantial than: I just ate a tuna sandwich.

  2. christypill

    I agree. It seems like many people would use “So and so is thinking…” as a starter to statuses anyhow. Moods and opinions are way more interesting than out of office message, you are so right.

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