Share @#$%!

In my quest to learn about  The Knot situation, I decided to first investigate the site that made it possible: Add This. Many such offerings exist; two other popular ones being Add to Any and Share This.

I was hoping to implement the option that suits my requirements for being helpful, but not overwhelmingly so:homepage_bnr

  • an email option
  • icon limits to prevent panic
  • allows readers to stay on my blog

I tried them all. And none had it all, so I turned this investigation into a competition. Whichever responded to my email and forum inquiries first would win not only my use, but my official endorsement. And this competition was not in my head only—I made it clear that my patronage hung in limbo.

The conclusion? You can’t always get what you want:


Because our button is javascript based, only users with a premium account will be able to implement it on their site. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thanks for giving us a try.

ShareThis Support

Broader conclusion #2: When an institution isn’t making money the notion of losing to the competition does not matter.

Would any Blog Spot bloggers be interested in trying this on your platform?


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