Hello world!

I’m sticking with this generic title for my first post because someone very special told me that this was the first word written in some sort of computer language. And so somehow this just feels appropriate for a blog beginning. According to Wikipedia, “hello world” looked something like this:

main() {
printf(“hello, world”);

In addition, I’d like to start with three little housekeeping items in my first entry:

1) Disclaimer: Until today, I’ve only gotten so high as the “critics” rung of the Groundswell social technographics ladder. So bear with me.

2) Dedication: Without the ability to read, this blog would obviously not exist. And so it is with much appreciation that I dedicate this endeavor to first grade teachers in general, who helped us get this far, and to my mom and to Mrs. Wilson specifically.

“To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks.” – A.A. Milne

3) Donation: To prove that I mean business when I dedicate this blog, I’m going to do something special. For every comment posted to this blog between now and April 29 I will donate $.25 to Reading is Fundamental (RIF), a partner of Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT!. Who did not love BOOK IT!? And the hologram buttons and free pizza that came with it?

And so I embark on this project. Click here for more information about me and my purpose.



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5 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Shawn

    Nice start to the blog, Christy.

  2. “For every comment posted to this blog between now and April 29 I will donate $.25 …”

    I am going to make you regret this commitment!

  3. christypill

    Within reason, Justin. Abusers of my donation will not be considered. (I guess I should have put in that disclaimer earlier, huh?) In any case, go ahead, comment away.

  4. JC

    Way to go, Christy … love the shot of the Cyclone. How scary would it be to have a shot of the duct tape and rusty screws holding that thing together? Cheers, jc

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